Information on HYUGA sightseeing

Miyazaki Prefecture As the center of the north there are many sightseeing spots scattered around Hyuga city, Nobeoka. Please enjoy sightseeing spots such as horseback riding and sea of Cruz, Misato of Sembu Emperor ‘s sailing at the remaining sunny place of myth.



What kind of place is Hyuga City of Miyazaki Prefecture?



Attractions that can be accessed from the hotel

Myth and delicious nature’s blessing is a lot of Hyuga sightseeing

Cruz sea

Horse back

Emperor Jinmu Mimitsu of the ship




It is known as the birthplace of Bokusui Wakayama, famous Japanese poet, and also known as legendary Himuka country where our first emperor, Jinmu Tenno, left from. It is also famous as a seaside city where there are a lot of beaches, including Kanegahama(famous for surfing world cup), Okuragahama, and also Isegahama (one of the 88 best beaches in Japan).



Hososhima Harbor, the central harbor of Eastern Kyushu

Since the port started trading with Busan Port of Korea, there are more and more trading including Kobe Route (Via) and Taiwan route. Due to those growing route, the amount of container handling volume is also increasing. Currently Hososhima port is the third biggest ports in Kyushu after Hakata and Kitakyushu port.



Recommended Hyuga sightseeing and sunny place



There are also many festivals, etc. It is also a pleasure to match the event

From popular spots to historic places

There are many festivals

Surf world’s spot

Ocean view spot



Hyuga with numerous myths remaining



Seaside City that hosts the surfing world cup

The beautiful and endless ocean, which also selected Japan’s 88 best beaches, can heal your heart. You can enjoy not only swimming, but also fishing and surfing through the year (It is also loved by locals!). Hyuga City is also known for the good seafood, such as Hamaguri (Clam) and others. You can enjoy many rare seafood here! Also Hyuga local mountain chicken is known for nationwide and very popular among all the gourmets.



Fresh ingredients from Hyuga coastline and Miyazaki mountains



excellent Miyazaki local cuisine

Hyuga Nada’s fresh fish, Hyuga locust chicken, henbu, etc.

Chicken Namban

Hyuga Sea fresh fish

Hyuaga chicken




Hyuga is popular city

Known for fresh seafood from Hyuga coastline, Hyuga mountain chicken, Hebezu, and Hamaguri. Hyuga city is very active in livestock farming and agriculture as well as fishery and our fresh vegetables, fruits and local chicken is evaluated very high, so that we export a lot to other prefectures. If you are visiting Hyuga city, you should try our local cuisine such as Chicken Nanban, Hyuga Mountain Chicken, Hebezu, Hamaguri, Mango and also Honey.


Plenty of other sightseeing spots and interesting spots


Isegahama beach

Selected as “88 hot spring baths in Japan” from the Environment Agency, “five star” beach with both water quality, facilities and landscape. Isegahama surrounded by two capes is popular with families.


Mimitsu History Folk Museum

It is a museum that restored former ship wholesaler / Kawachijo in Misatazu-cho town stronghold. Equipment used in business such as reproduction of the merchant house at the time, large-fowl book, stationery etc. is also exhibited.



The pedestrian walking path is surrounded by subtropical hardwood trees and is a forest tunnel in the negative ion space and it is a columnar joint cliff that lined by depth 200 m in width 10 m in height 70 m.


Wakayama Maki Memorial Natural Park

A poet Wakayama Mizumi was born in Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki prefecture. He wrote about 8,700 tanka poetry in his lifetime until the age of 43, and 259 story monuments were built in the country as historic people.


Happiness Shrine

In Yosunaga New Year in Kyoto and Fushimi’s first place Inari shrine company Those who dedicated the divine power of Daimyo god. Takafaki Jinya is the administrative office of the Tenjo government under the direct control of the Edo shogunate scattered among the five counties of Hyuguni.


Myokokuji garden

A garden of Myokokuji with 600 years history at the foot of Yonoyama. A famous garden utilizing the exposed Yamano landscape of the rock, beautiful garden beauty with nature, such as ponds, valleys, mountains, waterfalls.